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This Week in Startups: SevenLunches Everyone Eats

share comment Jeff Lee of SevenLunches was recently on This Week in Startups (#67) asking, "How do we get customers on a limited budget?".  Since the call he reached out to us to give us an update and let us know what has been working.  In a few short weeks they have over 300 restaurants listed.  They submitted an [...]

This Week In Startups: Global Meetup

share comment Tuesday July 20th at 11am PST, 2 pm EST, 6pm GMT we will be holding another Global Meetup.  If you don't see your city represented their is still time to become the organizer, so get started.  We will be skyping into many cities and listening to the best pitch chosen by the group [...]

This Week In Startups: Hired Part 2

share comment Seven months ago Travis Fischer called in to "Ask Jason" (TWiST #33) to ask "I'm graduating from college soon, should I learn from a great entrepreneur or learn on my own?".  At the time I highly doubt he expected to be working where he is now, since the call Travis was hired at [...]

This Week In Startups: Funding a Lesson Learned with Sprout Social

share comment I recently contacted Justyn Howard, Founder and CEO of Sprout Social a social media platform that allows businesses to efficiently and effectively manage & grow their social presence across channels and turn social connections into loyal customers. Justyn originally called in during TWiST #7 to ask about angel investors becoming an adviser. Since [...]