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Timeshare Juice Taking On The Establishment, Part 1

share FacebookTwitteremail comment I recently was able to talk to Erick Arndt of Timeshare Juice, if you don't remember he pitched during the interview with Michael Robertson and was the winner of the Bing Perfect Pitch contest.  I don't think you could have asked for a better guest considering Michael's past of fighting the big [...]

TWiST May 21: Keith Lee, CEO of Booyah

share FacebookTwitteremail comment Jason's guest this week will be Keith Lee, CEO of Booyah.  MyTown is Booyah’s most popular application.  Prior to Co-founding Booyah Keith was the Lead Producer for Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo III franchise and also Lead Programmer for Insomniac Games.  You can say he is a veteran in the interactive entertainment industry. Watch [...]

TWiST: Which Interview Method Do You Prefer?

share FacebookTwitteremail comment Jason asked yesterday in show, which guest interview method do you prefer, Skype or in studio?  We want to hear from you, vote your preference and multiple selections are allowed.  In the comments, I'd like to hear why you like a particular method.  Thank you for your time. <br /> <a href="http://polldaddy.com/poll/3206113/">Which [...]

TWiST May 14: Andrew Mason of Groupon

share FacebookTwitteremail comment Watch us LIVE at 1pm PDT on Friday, May 14th on http://thisweekin.com or here. Jason's guest this week will be Andrew Mason, CEO and Founder of Groupon, a site that features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the United [...]

TWiST: InfluAds, One Ad At A Time

share FacebookTwitteremail comment Anibal Damião, Founder and CEO of InfluAds (TWiST #39, Shark Tank) reached out to us to highlight some of the success they have been having since their call.  If you don't remember, InfluAds is a premium ad network that focuses on specific verticals and places only one ad on a member site.  [...]

TWiST, To Split or Not To Split

share FacebookTwitteremail comment As many of you heard on TWiST #50 Jason is considering spitting TWiST up into two shows.  One show will only be a guest interview and the other show will have "Ask Jason", "Jason's Shark Tank" and "The News".  The benefit would be you get multiple shorter shows a week and you [...]

TWiST April 30th: A Year In Review

share FacebookTwitteremail comment We've had some changes in a weeks time, TWiST will be held in LA at Mahalo, for all of you hoping to attend in SFO we apologize. We'd decided to go a different route with this show and make it all about the fans.  We want to hear from you, what is [...]

TWiST: Preppin Launches Beta

share FacebookTwitteremail comment For all of you who have wondered what happened to Preppin they launched beta today.  Chris Kesler, Co-Founder of Preppin, called in to ask, how do you get traffic to a site. Preppin is a complete solution to anyone wanting to learn more about emergency preparedness, buy emergency preparedness items, or build [...]