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00:00 Jason and Molly intro today’s DOUBLE episode, Ukraine, Tech companies and Russia sanctions, Startup of the day Backbone, Interview with investor Joel Greenblatt
02:22 What tech companies should do in response to Russia invading Ukraine
12:28 – Get $250 off your first developer hire at!
13:50 Tech companies and Russia sanctions continued
21:27 OpenPhone – Get an extra 20% off any plan for your first 6 months at
22:51 Sanctions aren’t the perfect response because there isn’t one
30:17 Boast – Get your R&D tax credits without the hassle at
31:35 Apple needs to decide what to do in Russia
51:41 Startup of the day: Backbone
01:05:50 Jason interviews investor Joel Greenblatt
01:25:10 Joel talks about the long term effects of having so many young, new market participants
01:59:12 Joel’s thoughts on minimum taxes and tax loopholes

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