Tether: Crypto’s Black Swan? Plus Alternative Asset Roundtable featuring the founders of Masterworks, Fundrise & Rally Rd | E1232



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Show notes:

00:00 Intro
04:58 What is Tether?
09:12 New York takes legal action against Tether
12:33 Linkedin Jobs – Go to https://LinkedIn.com/TWIST to post your first job for free.
14:08 Tether’s asset breakdown
18:56 Third-party verification of the funds backing USDT
21:33 Is Tether another Theranos?
24:07 Linode – Create an account and receive a $100 credit at https://linode.com/twist.
25:45 Alternative Asset Roundtable guest intro
32:51 How the pandemic impacted Rally Rd with President Chris Bruno
34:19 Dell – Sign up for a free IT consultation at https://launch.co/dell.
35:40 Inflation on Rally Rd
39:06 Asset appreciation in Art with Masterwork’s CEO Scott Lynn
43:34 Fundrise’s residential real estate expansion with CEO Ben Miller
47:04 How to build collections & invest in a hot market – Chris Bruno
51:34 Why Banksy artwork is poised for appreciation – Scott Lynn
59:30 Why Fundrise is moving up the value chain – Ben Miller
1:04:18 Monetizing asset collections
1:09:04 Macro trends impacting investing

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