The power of the SOD/EOD plus Bill Maris on early Google stories, origins of GV, bioterrorism & more | E1236



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00:00 Start
01:31 Founder University – Start of Day, End of Day
05:10 How Jason devised SOD, EOD
10:19 Ourcrowd – Check out the Deal of the Week at
11:39 How to implement SOD, EOD
24:23 LinkedIn Jobs – Post your first job for free at
25:28 Interview: Bill Maris’s early days at Google, starting GV
37:15 Brainbase – File a trademark for 15% off, only $169 at
38:49 Why Google never figured out social, self-driving: how far away are we from seeing closed circuit autonomous cars?
49:24 Starting Calico at Google, working on life extension and healthcare
1:00:58 Passing on Theranos, seeing the fraud from a mile away, search for truth in science
1:15:50 What big changes should the science community be taking?

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