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TWiST Episode #152: The Second Annual TWISTEE Awards
We’re celebrating two years of This Week in Startups success with the second annual TWISTEE Awards! Join Jason, Lon and Tyler as they look back at the good, bad and hilarious of the past year and present awards for categories like Best Jason Rant and Best Insight from Tyler.

0:00-1:00 Introduction of the 2nd annual TWISTEE Awards
1:00-3:00 Explanation of the history of the TWISTEE Awards
3:00-4:00 Ad for MailChimp.
4:00-6:00 A look back at TWiST
6:00-8:00 A brief musical interlude from Jason, Lon and Tyler
8:00-8:30 Message from Gary Vaynerchuk
8:30-11:00 First TWISTEE category: Best Shark Tank pitch
11:00-12:30 And the winner is… TicketCake!
12:30-16:00 Next TWISTEE category: Best Jason Anecdote
16:00-16:30 And the winner is… Jason proposes selling his SEO services
16:30-18:30 Now the TWISTEE for Best Guest Quote
18:30-19:00 And the winner is… Gary Vaynerchuk for, “What the ROI on my mother?”
19:00-20:00 Ad for iStockphoto.
20:00-22:30 Now the TWISTEE for Best Question Jason Asked a Guest
22:30-23:00 And the winner is… Jason asks Dave McClure, “Do you have to be insane to be successful?”
23:00-25:00 Now the TWISTEE for Best Guest Anecdote
25:00-26:00 And the winner is… Ian Rogers on his NEXT tattoo
26:00-28:30 Now the TWISTEE for Best Insight from Tyler
28:30-29:00 And the winner is… “It’s like a BigMac in the Vatican.”
29:00-30:00 A touching look back at all of the companies who deadpooled in the last year: In Memorium.
30:00-33:00 Now the TWISTEE for Best Jason Rant
33:00-34:00 And the winner is… When Jason missed out on investing in Zynga
34:00-37:30 Now the TWISTEE for Best Guest or Episode
37:30-38:00 And the winner is… Ian Rogers!
38:00-40:00 Jason has a special gift of thanks for Lon and Tyler
40:00-44:00 Thank you to the fans, sponsors and everyone who makes this show possible!

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