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1:32 Ask Jason: How can startups attract investor attention outside of traditional PR methods?
6:24 Ask Jason: What key metric do you use to evaluate startups? (Consumer, Marketplaces, b2b SaaS)
13:44 Rippling – For an easier way to run your startup remotely visit
15:21 Kim Kaplan, CEO of Snack (former VP at dating site Plenty of Fish)
18:30 Different dynamics across dating apps, what GenZ is looking for
23:53 Vanta – Get $1000 off your SOC 2 at
25:57 Revenue models for dating apps & competing against’s dominance
31:42 New dynamics from low-friction app-first dating
37:25 OurCrowd – Sign up for a free account at
38:52 Kim’s lessons from Plenty of Fish inside of
46:07 Enjoying the early days of a startup & picking Snack name

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