The TWiST International Meetup Cup

Does your city have what it takes to win the cup? This Week in Startups is holding a “World Cup-style” tournament of cities across the globe to determine which boasts the most startup talent. Two cities will be pitted against each other in a meetup on the show, with three companies from each city pitching to win the gold.

What You Need to Win

  • At least 10 killer companies who want to pitch to Jason on a live episode of This Week in Startups
    • Companies should have working demos/products available online
    • From a pool of 10+ companies, the organizer will hold a “pre-pitch event” to narrow the entrants down to the top 3
  • A space large enough to hold 50+ audience members to watch the live event
  • An HD webcam, quality mics and a wired Internet connection (further technical specifications required will be provided to interested parties)

Check Out Your Competition
We’ve already held two head-to-head meetups and the quality of the startups blew us away. If you want to participate, watch the episodes below to get an idea of the level of companies you’ll be up against.

London vs. Berlin Meetup:
Sweden vs. South Africa Meetup:

Ready to throw your hat into the ring? Email for more details!

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