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This is it! Our 100th episode. This week we interview the genius product manager behind Googles new HotPot, Lior Ron. And if thats not enough we give you your weekly dose of Shark Tank and The News.

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Lior Ron the product manager behind hotpot by Google.

Jason is dressed in coat and tie on this episode again…looking sharp.

This is the 100th episode. Thanks to all the sponsors.

The Launch Conference is coming together nicely. Don’t miss it on February 23-24, 2011. Jason used MailChimp to send out his Launch newsletter.


Lior Ron of Google
Product Manager of hotpot

Jason asks about Hotpot and how the design is different than things we’ve seen previously from Google. Lior discusses the product and how it works. Netfix for places.

Jason asks about Google allowing for the creation of hotpot, which is much different than existing applications. How did you get this launched. Lior discusses that Google is understanding that not everything is search. He also discusses how the product made it’s way through Google. Lior talks about going on a roadshow inside of Google. Demoing, vision just like shopping your startup outside. A lot of bottom-up innovation in Google.

Hotpot is really a layer on top of search, which fits right into the Google strategy.

Jason and Lior take a spin through the hotpot UI. Lior explains the features of hotpot. They discuss the way hotpot connects items and recommendations.

Jason asks about how a product like hotpot competes with Google customers like Yelp or Zagat? Lior discusses his thoughts on how they are complimentary.

Jason asks about launching the product in Portland. OR. Lior discusses the process. Lior shows the package that gets sent to businesses. He shows a sign with a RFID chip and allows for checking using the new Nexus/S phone.

Jason suggests integrating the RFID with payments and checkin.

Jason and Lior discuss search ranking and some recent changes made by Google.

Shark Tank

Nick Cronin from Chicago

ExpertBids.com is a professional services marketplace. You can get bids for lawyers, accountants and service personnel. The bids are presented with all the relevant provider information.

Jason – Great domain name. Expert in the domain name is more professional.
I didn’t hear why this is important or any social element.

Idea: 7-7.5
Pitch: 8

Tyler – seemed a little scripted. I would discuss this in terms of a story. He suggests some design changes.

Idea: ?
Pitch: ?

Lior – likes the name and service market. He talks about the number of users and critical mass.

Idea: ?
Pitch: ?

Chat Room

Idea: 8
Pitch: 7-8

Provides fully hosted / managed Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps e-mail

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