E102: SharkTank Take Over



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The Shark Tank is overflowing with pitches which means its time for a Shark Tank TAKEOVER. We give 3 hungry entrepreneurs 60 seconds each to pitch they’re startups in front of the world. Then it’s up to Jason,Tyler and YOU to decide how they fair. Add some news to that and you got a pretty awesome show to watch.Enjoy!

Jayce Broda Founder of www.howtobecome.tv

Aric Boyles Founder of www.FullScreenPhotos.com

Justin Baker, Founder of www.MyPersonalShopper.com

News with Kathy Choi

Yesterday it was reported that Yahoo is shutting down Del.icio.us? Yahoo Buzz? MyBlogog? And several other products so the company can focus on Core Strengths.

This morning Yahoo has come back to say they are not shutting down Delicious but “while they have “determined that there is a not a strategic fit at Yahoo, there is an ideal home for Delicious outside of the company where it can be resourced to the level where it can be competitive.”

Who would take this company?


Five Silicon Valley people, employees/consultants for Primary Global Research were charged with illegal insider trading yesterday on information obtained about tech companies such as Dell, Apple, Advanced Micro Devices and Flextronics International. These consultants received more than $400K for their information.

How big of a concern is insider trading?


Sibblingz is a startup that make s it easy to launch an app across different game platforms, and announced today that it can put social games inside Bing.


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