E103: with Otis Chandler, Founder of Goodreads.com (Audio Special)



about this episode

This week on the show Otis Chandler from the Social Media reading site Goodreads.com. Note: This is an audio only special. We will return on Tuesday, December 28th with a regularly formatted show.


1:00-4:00       Opening of show

4:00-7:00      Why Otis started GoodReads.com

7:00-10:00    How Are Folks using GoodReads.com

10:00-13:00   Trends in Social Reading

13:00-16:00    Advantages and Disadvantages of the publishing industry

17:00                The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Phenomenon

18:00-20:00   How GoodReads.com market their site

20:00-23:00  How the internet has affected reading habits

24:00-26:00  Who funded GoodReads and Why. Page Views and Numbers

27:00-29:00  API development and Apps for GoodReads.com

30:00-34:00  New technologies surrounding Reading on the Web

33:00-36:00  Ebooks , Shelfari.com, The New Sony Reader, Kindle and the Nook

36:00               .CO ad

37:00-47:00    Ask Jason Caller Asks: How to Relax when in the middle of Starting a  Startup?

48:00-52:00   How to Find and Motivate Employees


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