E107 : This Week in Startups : John Borthwick, CEO and co-founder of BetaWorks.com



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This week CEO and Co-Founder of Betaworks John Borthwick joins Jason and Tyler to discuss their latest ventures as well as what to expect in the new .com bubble. All that and the news with Kathy Choi!

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3:00-4:30   Intro to John Borthwick

4:30-7:00   Total NY Launch Party and Johns History

7:00-10:00   How BetaWorks Works

10:00-12:00  How long and how much money does it take to incubate an idea at BetaWorks?

12:00-14:00   Summize twitter search engine, history and pivot

14:00-22:00   How pivoting becomes easier with time and experience / Firefly overview and lesssons learned

22:00-25:00  The Chartbeat Pivot

25:00-27:00  Viewer Question: How does equity and financing work at BetaWorks

27:00-29:00  Other BetaWorks Investments

29:00-30:00  How Bit.ly beat the other guys and scaled up for practically no money

31:00-34:00   The V.C. and investment model is broken!

34:00-36:00  How Firefly differs from ChartBeat

36:00-38:00  Is Chatbeat too Cheap? How do you get pricing right?

38:00-41:00  What Role does NYC play into Betaworks strategy?

41:00-45:00  How to manage competitive sites and the risk of being X’ed out

45:00-47:00  How Jason sold his company to AOL thanks to John.

50:00-51:00  Send Grid Ad

52:00-1:09   News With Kathy Choi


i-phone comes to Verizon!


Bump gets $16m in funding


Etsy set to make $50m in 2011


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