E111: This Week in Startups with Danny Sullivan, Editor In Chief of Search Engine Land



about this episode

“The King of Search” proclaimed Jason, making reference to this weeks guest Danny Sullivan. In the search biz for over 15 years and Editor and Chief of Search Engine Land, Danny schools us on the industry and reveals his sec0rets.


4:00-6:00        GoToMeeting Ad

6:00-10:00      Intro to Danny Sullivan. Google and Bings percentage of the Search Market. How do they Compare?

10:00-11:00     Did Google rip-off Bing?

11:00-12:00     The problem with Spam and Search Results

12:00-13:00     Human Powered Search results and Spam

13:00-14:00     How much is Justin Beiber Worth?

14:00-15:00     Issues with the Worlds Search Engines

15:00-16:00     Too many Search Engines

17:00-19:00     Tylers Insight

19:00-20:00    Why did all the earlier search engines fail?

20:00-21:00     How easy or hard is it to start a search engine?

21:00-25:00     How did Ask.com Fail?

25:00-27:00     Why doesn’t Human Powered Search work?

27:00-29:00     Search 3.0-4.0. How will search evolve?

29:00-30:00    SendGrid Ad

30:00-37:00    How Danny Started in Search

37:00-39:00    How do you make money in Search?

39:00-40:00   SMX Conference and international Search Conferences


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