E114: This Week in Startups with .CO’s Juan Diego Calle



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The .COM is DEAD! Ever wanted a domain name that’s taken? Sure you have. That why theres .CO. And on the show this week is Juan Diego Calle the man responsible for taking Columbia’s domain extension and re-branding it to the world. Plus, Jason gets a new desk thanks to ErikOrganic.com


1:00-3:00          New Desk Built by ErikOrganic.com

3:00-4:00         GoToMetting Ad

4:00-6:00         .CO Intro to Juan Diego Calle

6:00- 12:00      How did you start .CO

12:00-14:00     History of TeRespondo (Juans First Company)

14:00-16:00     Go Daddy Partnership

16:00-18:00     GoDaddy Contest Announcement

20:00-25:00    Will Columbia benefit from this new Domain extention?

25:00-26:00    Mail Chimp Ad

26:00-29:00    Secrets to a good Domain name

30:00-40:00   Ask Jason

42:00                Thank you and Goodbye to Juan Diego Calle

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