E116: This Week in Startups with Daniel Ha, Founder of Disqus



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Daniel Ha, Founder of Disqus joins us via SKYPE to talk about social commenting, the future of Disqus and how the year 2011 will change the internet as we know it!

2:00-4:00         Missed Opportunities, more ways Jason missed making money

15:00-16:00      Intro to Daniel Ha Co-Founder of Disqus

16:00-17:00      How many servers to you run? Whats Disqus’s secret?

17:00-18:00      Original Negative Reactions from users

18:00-20:00     How did you build it

20:00-24:00     How do you make money?

24:00-27:00     Are there Future revenue streams ?

28:00-30:00    What do you think about selling the company while the markets hot.

30:00-34:00    The FaceBook Copy Machine

34:00-38:00    Long Term Business plan for DisQus

38:00-40:00    Why havent you raised a Power Round?

40:00-42:00    Whats next for Disqus?

45:00-52:00    Shark Tank  www.CiviGaurd.com


Aol Buys Huffington Post for $315 million


Nokia Phone to be Powered By Windows


500 Startups Announces New Incubator Program



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