Joe Edelman, CEO of Citizens Logistics



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Joe Edelman the CEO of Citizens Logisitics is on the show talking about his latest project Groundcrew which utilizes geo-location and your social media platforms to coordinate mobile action teams in crisis. Another amazing show with an amazing guest, plus Mark Thompson brings us the news.

7:00-13:00      What is Groundcrew?
13:00-17:00    How were you funded?
17:00-19:00    How did you decide on your Angels?
19:00-21:00    Is there an operator cost to your revenue stream?
21:00-22:00    What devices are emergency services using these days?
22:00-24:00    Is there an industrial Smart Phone?
24:00-25:00    How would have Groundcrew helped in situations like 9-11 and Katrina
25:00-27:00    Whats the most resistant technology for emergency services?
27:00-30:00    Whats next for Groundcrew?
30:00-31:00    CEML: Coordinating Event Module Launguage
31:00-34:00    Goodbye to Joe
35:00-40:00    The Zompocolypse
40:00-45:00    Ask Jason
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