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Why isn’t there a cool Chat site yet? Oh wait, now there is. Leah Culver of Social Chat site Convore tells us about the release of their new product as well as being funded by Y Combinator.

1:00-4:00             Opening: LAUNCH
4:00-5:00            Upcoming Guests
7:00-8:00            Ad
9:00-10:00          Intro to Leah
10:00-11:00         Why Y-Combinator and not Yourself?
11:00-13:00         Yuri Milner and Paul Grahams 150K Deals
13:00-15:00         The Pownce Deal
15:00-17:00         Whats the Difference between Convore vs. Campfire/TinyChat?
17:00-20:00        Why did Leah take the CEO role?
20:00-22:00        Demo Day
22:00-24:00        Is Convores plan to be a social site?
24:00-25:00        Whats Convores Group Methodology?
25:00-26:00        What other products Leahs interested in
26:00-27:00        Why is Everyone so compelled by Path.com?
27:00-28:00        How does Design effect Product?
28:00-30:00        The Design Process
30:00-31:00         How has the Respect for Designers changed?
31:00-33:00         How is Convore dealing with Spam and Moderation?
33:00-35:00         Why is Everyone going after this space all at once?
35:00-38:00         Whats next for Convore?
38:00-40:00        Ad
40:00-48:00        Shark Tank
48:00-60:00        NEWS


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