E054: with Tim Young



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Jason Calacanis hosts This Week in Startups with guest Tim Young, Founder and CEO of Socialcast.

0:00:26   Memorial Day 2010

0:00:40 Non –CGI produced bags under my eyes.  I look like Mike Arrington

0:00:55 Going to Power Through the show Great guest, ask jason, shark tank

0:01:14  Discussion on TechCrunch Disrupt

0:02:28  Launch Conference in 2011

0:03:55  Guest Tim Young, Founder and CEO SocialCast

0:04:27  Ask Jason – Foo Yee

Question: Not the expert computer scientist look around for projects and build on other’s project.  Game engines interesting but lack social features….can I build on top of open source game engines?

0:09:55 next week will have details for The  Launch Conference

0:10:10 “Little nuggets that people do not know about”

0:10:20  Sponsor Break

0:10:30   Tim Young “We are a DNAMail customer”

0:12:12  “Tim, this is your 3rd company?  Someone will pitch us in this segment.  Has someone every taken their BlackBerry out during any of your pitches?”

0:12:40  During the Open Angel Forum tell people “do not take your BlackBerry out when someone is pitching their idea, give them 5 minutes.”

0:13:09  Jason’s Shark Tank – Scott Annan from Network Hippo

0:15:47 Feedback from chatroom

0:16:05  Tyler’s rating

0:16:40 Tim’s rating

0:17:25  Jason’s rating

0:21:20  “Don’t pay to pitch”

0:23:05  Jason on DEMO and guerrilla thinking

0:26:15  Sponsor Break

0:27:25  Our guest, Tim Young, Founder & CEO of Socialcast.

0:28:15  Tim:  “We build a real time collaboration for employees, focus around activity stream content.  Streams digitizing human culture.”

0:41:15  World of Warcraft (WOW) as next metaphor?

0:41:25  Game mechanics productivity

0:42:40  Will people get burnt out on game mechanics?

0:45:10  What is Pumpinkhead?

0:48:50  Question from chatroom: “Do you think all these games are ultimately going to hurt the advancement of our society?  Seems like a LOT of wasted time.”

0:49:25  How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

0:54:30  What are you going to do with $8M?

0:56:24  What is the common DNA of your company?

0:57:37  Mastery discussion

0:58:20  Question from chatroom: “When i was at the socialcast HQ (startup pubcrawl) it seemed bit boring compared to other startups. can we get a pitch on why social cast is a good place to work?”

1:01:18  What is your academic background?

1:02:33 MBA’s good employees?

1:05:32  NEWS with Lon Harris

TC Disrupt Discussion

1:09:28  Insights from Tyler – “Eating Tacos in a Tuxedo”

1:10:20 For the Launch Conference will stay true to format of TC50

1:14:57 Carol Bartz to Arrington:  F—k Off

What do you think of her response and was it called for?

1:18:09 Request to speak of new Digg from the chatroom

1:20:42   Fake BP Public Relations Twitter @BPGlobalPR and real Twitter Account @BP_America

Good satire or too dark considering catastrophe still ongoing? Why is Twitter is not taking this down?  Grew out of Ebert Tweeting about it.

1:29:55   BlockChalk Geo Location Company.  Raised $1M in Seed Financing.  Leaves notes (chalks) in your neighborhood.

1:33:40  Jesus has just checked in to Santa Monica Apple Store

1:34:00  Sponsor Break

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1:34:31  Startup Meetup on June 8th at 6 pm PDT.  Please sign up here and also contact lon [at] thisweekin [dot] com to coordinate Skype Call if your group has over 10 people.

1:36:00     Want to be a guest on Ask Jason or the Shark Tank?

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1:36:39  Entrepreneurial tech block Friday & Sunday Entertainment block

1:36:53  Last Saturday we had Open Casting Calls you can watch the videos here and here.

1:37:24  Tim Young congrats on your success!

1:38:15  The  Launch Conference Contest info

1:39:44  Have a Great Holiday Weekend!

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