E055: Meetup.com Special Episode



about this episode

Jason Calacanis hosts This Week in Startups with a LIVE Global Audience.  The top presenters were chosen by their respective city and Skyped in.

00:00:30  Welcome Global This Week In Startups community

00:01:00  Welcome Syracuse – From Syracuse Technology Garden (35 people) John Litty (organizer)

Pitch – Patrick of Brand-Yourself – Managing online reputations in a proactive building method, recently signed a deal with Syracuse University to provide the service for 4,100 graduating seniors 6 months and closed 2 deals with businesses.  Recently raised $275,000 in funding.

00:12:30  Welcome Chicago – From Sandbox Inidustries (20 people)

Pitch – Tonido – A USB device that allows you to run your own personal cloud (a web server), using your existing computer.  Free plug-in play and $99 device

00:21:00  Welcome Los Angeles – From Mahalo – (70 people) Giang Biscan (organizer)

Pitch – Yu-Kai Chou of  Viralogy – Tools that automate ecommerce intelligence, allows you to increase conversion, the intelligence analyzes past purchases and compares shoppers and gives product recommendations that they are highly likely to purchase. They place these recommendations on the home page, product page, and checkout page.

00:29:30  Welcome Phoenix – From Gangplank (30 people)

Pitch – Jonathan of Turbo140 is a website that helps people find and source temporary micro-jobs.

00:36:00  Welcome Portland – From Portland State Business Accelerator (4 people)

Pitch – Jonathan of ARM Insight data analytics firm that takes a scientific and analytical approach to optimizing your debit card program.

00:42:30  Welcome Columbus – From Tech Columbus (60 people) Kevin Gadd (organizer)

Pitch – Bob Kinkton of RRBO a stubhub for timeshare vacation and rentals, an owner can list their property in 3 minutes and they handle the marketing it only costs the owner if the timeshare rents.  Rental side launched today, raised $810,000 in venture capital.

00:51:00  London Video – Question – Who can I trust?  Should I be selective in who I talk to?

Answer – In general professional investors aren’t stealing stuff, you will have to give your idea in general terms but be sure not to telegraph your next move and try to only pitch the number of investors necessary.

00:53:30  Welcome Salt Lake City – (10 people)

Pitch – Sean of Admin Arsenal an application that allows sys admins get the job done (patch applications, create reports) with a very easy to use interface.

01:00:20  Welcome Baltimore and Happy Birthday Paul (15 people)

Pitch – Bill of PPM Lite is the Basecamp of project portfolio management, you can visualize your Basecamp project, import Microsoft Project or use as a stand alone, customer growth is 30% month after month, internet traffic is increasing by 80%

Each of the companies that pitched will get a free ticket to The Launch Conference.

Pitch winner – Jason give a tie to RRBO and Tonido

iPad winner – will go to someone from Columbus for having the most people show up

Thank you @PowerVPS @DNAmail and @Webspy for sponsoring This Week In Startups

Special Thanks To all The Organizers

Toronto, Canada  /  Sam Holako
Santa Cruz  /  Andrew Mueller
Houston  /  Marc Nathan
Chicago  /  Zishan Ahmad
Cincinnati  /  Chaz Giles, Chris Ostoich
Aliso Viejo  /  Darius Vasefi
Denver  /  Kenn Kelly
Phoenix  /  Francine Hardaway, Jonathan Hegranes
Sydney, Australia  /  James Hirka
Fresno  /  Nick Gundry
Manchester, England  /  Nathan Rae
Boston  /  Joselin Mane
Columbus  /  Kevin Gadd
New York City  /  Kevin, Blair MacGregor
Portland  /  Jonathan Chin
Dallas  /  Jeff Cormier
Santiago, Chile  /  Michael Tupper
Mountain View, CA  /  Tatyana Kanzaveli
Salt Lake City  /  Chris Kesler
Baltimore  /  Paul Capestany
Oklahoma City  /  Jim Rogers
Vancouver, Canada  /  Zach Taylor
Louisville  /  Benjamin Thomas
Washington DC  /  Scott Simko
Syracuse, NY  /  Jack Wright
Troy, MI  /  Josh Garnett
Orlando  /  Greg Pederson
Charlotte / Les Porter

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