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00:01:30  This Week In Meetups was a success, 10 cities called in, places as far as Australia had events, email Lon@thisweekin.com with pictures if you went to an event.

00:03:00  The next Startups Meetup will be July 20th @11am PST with a focus on Europe, if you plan to participate please pick and organizer and venue soon.

00:05:20  White House and CBS are using Ustream

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00:07:00  DNAmail customer support is 100% US based

00:09:00  Ask Jason – Alejandro Vasquez – I am a programmer but I don’t want to take forever with my idea, where do I find technical co-founders?

Answer – Shows like this, commenters of blogs, a startup event at the event put a name tag on that says “I need a technical co-founder” you’ll definitely meet people, do a blog post, craigslist, comment on Hacker News, try TWiSTStartupEffect, try find people with the same interest as you idea.

00:14:30  The first 100 people to check-in live during a show and tweet “ I can’t wait for TheLaunchConference.com #TWiST” for 10 shows win a free ticket.

00:15:30  Ask Jason – Chris Russell – Pros and cons of a Free vs. Pay business model for GreenJobSpider, sales calls have been resistant and are not familiar with indexing, should he switch from a pay to a free adsense based model?

Answer – The chicken or the egg problem, with no critical mass you should go the freemium model, free to publish job posts but up-sell, for premium placement, offer a video featuring the job where the company gets to keep the video, to get attention create content for people to “feel” you, create powerful editorial, lists are powerful, ask people who found jobs to do a post, come up with data and big sites will pick it up, come up with better ways to sort and expand the listings

Soon launching WebSpy Soho – Easily monitor Home & Small Network bandwidth usage, Internet connection speed and much more – Test Alpha version

00:29:15  Ask Jason – Wes Ramm – How does one vet an idea to see if it’s marketable?

Answer- Find someone with domain experience, many technical people can build feature apon feature but sometimes lack the social skills to reach out to people.  Who would your dream person be to ask advice?  Many established CEOs would be more than willing to give advice, most are so busy they don’t have the time nor the willingness to jeopardize their reputation on a startup but love the challenge and may want to be a mentor of sorts, most ideas come down to execution, not the idea.

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00:41:00  Ask Jason – Jakov Jenkov – I have 60k viewers a month (Jenkov.com) , how do I monetize my site?

Answer – in order to monetize properly your site needs to scale to reach 100s of thousands unless you are in a tight vertical, since your site is very general in nature try do some custom publishing on specific content for sale, think of what provides value, what would you pay for, talk to potential customers and find out what they’d be willing to pay for.

00:51:00  Ask Jason – Joe Magee – How do you define failure?  How do you know when to cut your losses?

Answer – First get over your fear of failure, people who succeed have failed, Elan Musk prior to Tesla had failed but but he had a “never say die” attitude, fight through any low moments so you know you did everything to make it succeed, if you think  it will fail and have lost your passion, move on quickly, the beauty is you can just start over

Insight From Tyler – “Are Ex-Girlfriends Failures?”

01:05:15  Jason’s Shark Tank – Sterling Hawkins of StorkBrokers – a place for parents to sell old toddler and baby products.  Great pitch you started with a truism and the idea was clear and simple.  Jason P: 10 / I: 9 probably one of the best pitches Jason has heard this year.

**********Warning A Podcast First**********

Jason offers an on the spot Angel Investment, pending due diligence, $25,000 in funding for 20% and he’ll help raise the rest of the angel round and Sterling accepts.

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01:24:00  Resigning Up for Facebook – Jason can you explain why your Facebook account was reactivated?  Some of the services signed up for with Facebook Connect restart your account automatically when you sign in.  Jason really wants a delete button and export feature on Facebook

01:36:00  iPad Security Breach – it’s bad but they didn’t get real personal info. like browser history and he has seen a lot worse but it sheds light on an issue that needs to be dealt with.

01:40:15  iPhone 4 – The battery life, a4 chip and video will be important but being only available on AT&T will handicap the product.

01:47:30  Kevin Rose Leaving Diggnation – What is Kevin’s next move?  This might be a negotiation tactic on Kevin’s part or he maybe feelin that he needs to be more CEO like, Jason hope’s that isn’t the case and to just be yourself.

01:53:15  comScore Accuses Yahooo and Microsoft of “Gaming” – Why is Comscore bring this issue to light?  They are correct it should be mentioned it is the right thing to do.

01:55:30  Topguest Will this idea motivate the masses?    This is a good idea and they could be the adsense of teh space but more than likely Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopd are already on this.

01:59:30  Yelp! Checkins – Is this a good idea?  Don’t think Yelp will ever be thought of as a check-in site it will remain a review site.

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