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This week we have Woody Sears, CEO & Founder of FrogDog Media.  This Week in Startups airs Fridays at 1pm PT hosted by Jason Calacanis.


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Woody Sears, CEO & Co-Founder of Frog Dog Media (makers or the iStory Time app) the most popular apps for kids.

Woody talks about current apps: How To Train Your Dragon (iTunes file) and Shrek Forever After (iTunes file). Jason poses the question “is there parental resistance in putting an iPad with these apps in front of your child?” Woody goes in depth on how the apps are not there to replace books but to compliment them, more like a “digital pop up book.”

07:24 Shrek Forever After – demo

Discussion on how app helps early reading skills. What involvement does Dreamworks have, if any? Is the App on Dreamworks radar? 1st to do a library of children’s books in the app store. How difficult is it to get into the Apple Store with your Apps? How did this venture come about? Will you be doing original books? Suggestion for Call of Duty to become a teaching tool.


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33:47 INTERVIEW (cont.)

Licensing discussion. How do you get your app to rank? “Content is king.” Mommy Bloggers and their clout.  Visit iStorytime and the Shrek Forever After is in the iTunes store.

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