E061: All Jayter Show




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about this episode

Jason Calacanis hosts This Week in Startups All Jayter Show.

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04:55 – Call #1: Melissa Ulto (aka Miixxy)

Complaint: As a freelancer, she resented Jason’s request for freelancers to submit Launch Conference logo designs for free. She feels that, as Jason stands to profit from the conference, and has enough funds from previous investments and companies, he could easily afford to hire a talented designer and compensate them fairly rather than attempting to exploit free labor by making empty promises for tweets and exposure. Thinks Jason is a “cheap millionaire”

Key Quote: “i’m an idiot because i believe you should pay designers for their work? actually, that’s employment law. look it up. :)”

Submitted the following preview of the coming argument: YouTube Video

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31:55 Call #2: Ben Cook (aka Skitzzo)

Complaint: Skitzzo is an SEO who refers to Mahalo as a “spam factory” and strongly disagrees with the recent decision to change the site’s Terms of Service, which he feels is unfair to freelance writers. He feels that Jason is “stealing” from writers who believed they would earn revenue share for the work they put in to their pages. He also feels Jason should allow Mahalo writers to take their content off of his site and place it elsewhere on the Web.

Key Quote: “Jason Calacanis, Mahalo’s founder, has responded to the criticism of this move in several places. Unfortunately, none of the responses actually address the fact that his company is stealing money from the pockets of the very people who helped build his site.”

Runs the SEO Blog Skitzzo
Feels that people mocking Jason’s poker-playing against Doyle Brunson distracts from the “real issues”
1:08:13 Call #3: Dan Murphy (aka Domurtag)

Complaint: Objects to what he calls Jason’s “narcissistic personality, constant self-promotion and outright lying.” He feels Jason has been repeatedly proved to be a liar and a hypocrite in TechCrunch and points to blog posts on the SEO blog “Smackdown!” as evidence.

Key Quote: (From Twitter) “First episode of #TWiPkr tonight. I bet it features @Jason explaining how his poker playing is as incredible as his business skills?”

A frequent fixture in the ThisWeekIn chat rooms.

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  • Javaughn

    Great show

  • Alasdair Boyd

    This is bloody gold. I’m only 20 minutes in but I love it! Great episode! Normally I would minimise and get some work done but I can’t even do that!

  • Person

    Jason, being near you or associated with you does not automatically, or generally, or usually, lead to success, fame, and fortune. In a great number of cases, it leads to a whole lot of nothing, and in fact having your work stolen.

    And when people are angry, there is a reason why. You are that reason.

    You are a master of self-delusion.

  • Person

    Furthermore…. I agree with the first caller but I have never been screwed before and do not have a chip on my shoulder. I have never before been screwed. I have not done anything to be screwed, and my product is not subpar.

    My first screwing was by Jason Calacanis.

    Jason, you can’t just explain away your bad behavior by patronizing others who are calling you on your bad behavior.

  • Person

    AND, I have not been disappointed by you by valuing you so much. I have no interest in you apart from the fact that I have worked for you.

    Question: Can anything that anyone says, can any consequences or events, ever make Jason Calacanis think that he has done anything not quite right?

  • Justin Herrick

    I’m pretty sad that I missed watching this live, but such is life. Only 10mins into it, and it looks like its going to be a good one.

  • Rob McNair

    just started watching the jayter episode with @jason, @steepdecline and @lons on #twist. This is gonna be good!

  • Tarek Demiati

    Jason : You shoud start a new show -> This week in Shrink

    A few hints to all Freelancers which have been screwed out there :

    – Ask for 50% downpayment
    – Payment Terms = 30 days max
    – Stop providing any services as soon as you’ve got a late payment, don’t wait 6 months to wake up

  • Jase Cooper

    I’m a designer and I disagree with both parties concerning contest/crowdsourcing design.

    Jason – Unfortunately your undervaluing of design and the power of brand shows. While crowdsourcing a design via contests may be a viable option for you, the reality is you’re cutting corners. And this does show, just compare your services to the likes of companies that focus on the quality of design – apple, carsonified, gowalla etc.

    @Mixxy/Moaning designers – Yeh, Asia are taking jobs. They do work harder, for less. Of course the work is going to get there. Take a note from the likes of agencies such as ideo.com and continuum who offer more than just skinning websites/products and design services and strategies. There’s lots that can be done to improve the thisweekin.com as a service, as opposed to just writing some photoshop files, html and css. Change your business model.

  • Tarek Demiati

    I agree with Dan, the DHH show was the best one,

    Jason : please invite back DHH with Jason Fried, this is going to boost your SEO and make the fan-boys & haters happy :-)

    The “norm” in France is 35 hours per week,

    Best Regards from Paris,
    Just another French auditor :-)

  • Tarek Demiati

    The most articulate hater was DHH. Bring him back

  • Tarek Demiati

    Tip for all Jason haters out there :

    Before calling the show make sure you master every dusty corner of
    a book called “The Art of Being Right” from Schopenhauer


  • Arnor Heidar ☺

    I think you guys should have Melissa (The Cat Lady) on every show and have an argument with her. Highly entertaining. Feed the haters. :)

  • Fake Jason Calacanis

    I am better than everyone else. End up story.

  • G Ramirez

    I love the show. But this show and the whole hater thing is stupid. I don”t watch this show to listen to you go off about how great you are. thanks but i think I’ll take few months off from this week in.

  • G Ramirez

    Also i forgot to say really Jason cats. so female calls ans the first thing you pull out is some cat thing. i thin the long the shows drags on the more your true colors show.

  • Anonymous

    G Ramirez:
    look forward to having you back in a few months, and thank you for watching
    On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 2:54 PM, Echo <

  • Jakob Jenkov

    Melissa AKA miixxy, from an economic point of view there is nothing wrong with with free work or outsourcing to cheaper countries. Salaries and prices are not set in stone. The depend on the value you create for your customer AND on what others providing the same value are willing to work for. Too many freelancers = too low salary.

    70 years ago (or so) Japan was one of the cheapest countries to outsource to. Not anymore. South korea has leveled up too. This is happening all over the world. Outsourcing levels out prices between countries in the long run. No one is a “cheap country” forever.

    The world runs very much on personal relations. Free or cheap work builds personal relations. In the beginning you may have to invest (work for free) in personal relations, but over time that relationship may turn out to pay off. If not, cut the relationship. You can’t know ahead of time if a relationship will pay off. But you’ve got to take the chance, and hit some non-paying relationships, to find the ones that do pay off.

  • Jakob Jenkov

    Joel Spolsky didn’t need the publicity either, when he was a guest at TWIST. In fact, stackoverflow.com was already killing it from day one.