E087: Ask Jason and Shark Tank Special!



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This week we have All Ask Jason and a Shark Tank Special.

Today’s show is an all ask jason. Two brave callers will take on the shark tank.

I’m so in love with the new entry. What an amazing job.

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Shark Tank #1

Torrey Russel

IZNVU – (Is In View)

Using your mobile device you can see the real estate for sale in the specific frame.

JC: IZNVU is a terrible name the way it’s spelled. I don’t think the pitch was clear. I don’t know what problem you were solving.

P: 4
I: 3

TC: Interesting to see in augmented reality form. But as cool as that is, is not really needed. In fact it’s not the most useful view of the data. I would put out a big warning on this one.

P: 3
I: ?

LH: I saw it as a mobile app that helps organize the listings for real estate brokers.

P: 2-3
I: 6

JC: The broker uses your software to create an augmented reality content publishing platform. I think you learned a lot on the Shark Tank, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Jason, Tyler and Lon discuss some of the problems and fixes for this pitch.

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Shark Tank #2

Michael Witham

ChatRoam.com provides location aware chat rooms. Provide on-demand chat rooms for people around you using your laptop or any location aware device.

JC: How are you different than MessageParty? We don’t allow users to create their own chat rooms, we create them based on location.

P: 7
I: 5

TC: There is something similar to this. Kind of interesting. That does exist on , but nobody uses it.

P: 5.5
I: 6.5

LH: Message Party is all mobile, which lends itself more to ad hoc chatting.

P: 6-7
I: 7

Jason and Tyler discuss what can make this product better, and some of the limitations.

Ask Jason

Reid Jones
if a start-up has a long product development cycle and is bootstrapping, do you have any strategies for cash flow not only for the health of the company but also for your lifestyle?

JC: Live like a monk. I kept my last job while building my next job. I got it started by saving from my last job. When hiring, you have to see if people are cash-driven or equity-driven. You can also look to see if customers will pay you in advance for some preferential treatment.

TC: You have to be really careful and be really transparent with whomever your employed by.

Jason, Tyler and Lon discuss strategies for keeping expenses low and hunting up business. Also strategies on how to pay for services.



Apple’s earnings call- Open vs Closed is a smoke screen. Disingenuous? Integrated vs Fragmented?

What are your thoughts on Job’s comments? Spin? Good Points?

JC: It’s a pure rant. Android is growing very quickly and is awesome. It’s a real challenge to iOS. If he wasn’t worried he wouldn’t address it.

Jason, Lon and Tyler discuss the differences between Android and iPhone, including the open nature of Android, and the App store. Typer points out this is like the early Apple/Windows days. Tyler says that Apple is F-ed because it’s exclusive relationship with ATT. They must devirsify carriers.

Jason predicts that Apple will buy/build it’s own carrier eventually.


Facebook Privacy

10M users having privacy information transmitted to outside web address.

Is too much being made of this? Should consumers expect a basic amount of protection?

JC: It’s an ‘I told you so’. Does it matter whether you play FarmVille, I don’t know. But what if you’re gay and your buying/browsing habits get you fired. Someone will disclose something that shouldn’t be disclosed. I think Facebook just doesn’t care.

Jason reiterates his concerns with Facebook.


Tyler’s New Startup


Every hotel has a blacklist of visitors. But the hotels don’t share with each other. You get on a blacklist if you stay at a hotel and trash the room. Now this tool can share those blacklisted users between hotels.

Jason and Tyler role play on how to use the CheckIn-Checker and why it makes sense. Business model is payed model by the hotels/vacation rentals. Also there is a logo that can be displayed informing someone that they will be rated. Created in 48 hours. This was part of the Startup Weekend.



Yelp for pot. Online business for all things marijuana. Revenue’s are soaring.

What do you think of this as a company? Is there a moral issue?

JC: I wouldn’t invest. It is great that we can generate the tax revenue off of it. I don’t think I’d buy shares because they’d be too stoned to file correctly. It’s treated like wine and cigars out here in California.

Jason, Tyler and Lon discuss the business model and how they could be making money. Lon conforms he has NOT been yet.

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