E095: – Seth Priebatsch, CEO of SCVNGR



about this episode

This week Jason interviews the CEO,or as he likes to be called the “Chief Ninja” of SCVNGR. With over 650,000 users and 5 million in funding so far,it may just be the next biggest thing in the game space. Plus what would an Episode of TWIST be without an all new ASK JASON…..enjoy


9:00-14:00    Seth Explains SCVNGR and Whats so different about the service

14:00- 18:00   “We were First”   SCVNGR started before Foursquare

18:00-20:00    Who uses SCVNGR and whats the Age Divide

20:00-23:00   Seth Drops out of Princeton and starts Company

23:00-26:00   How SCVNGR makes money

33:00-37:00   NY Times Article calls Seth “Insane”

37:00-40:00   The future of SCVNGR


42:00-48:00   ASK JASON

48:00-60:00  End of Show

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