E096: – Bonus Episode – All Ask Jason and Shark Tank



about this episode

We’re letting the CEO’s take the day off and giving the floor to YOU the viewer. With extended ASK JASON and SHARK TANK segments we’re helping the Startup world one phone call at a time.¬† For more information, show notes and an upcoming schedule, go to http://thisweekin.com

Today is a All Ask Jason Show, with a satchel showdown between Jason and Tyler.

Ask Jason
Mark Krassner from Manhattan

Mark is working on a site and wonders the best way to launch the site.

Jason & Tyler discuss the best ways to launch your products, including conferences and journalism etc. Jason gives a story about getting Mahalo launched.

Jason starts to demo his man-purse. Tyler is jealous.

Provides fully hosted / managed Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps e-mail

Ask Jason
Al Bsharah from San Diego

Al is a serial entrepreneur who is business minded and has ideas. He’s looking for a co-founder and wants to know the best way to find the right match.

Jason discusses his thoughts on finding a co-founder. Getting ‘out-there’, putting out a good vine. He likens finding a co-founder to dating.

Tyler discusses the value of Startup Weekend. Founders Institute in San Diego.


Tyler now shows his man-bag. It’s bigger and has a tracking feature. TooMe (sp?). Tyler shows the service manual. It’s only available if you have an international boarding pass, only sold at the airport.

Shark Tank
Parteek Saran from Hercules California

Chooses Jason’s bag as his favorite.

HalfBake.me is Freemium marketplace for developers & designers. Sharing of assets amongst the community.

Jason and Tyler discuss the pros and cons of the pitch and idea. They suggest some alternate revenue models. Jason discovers that Parteek is only 15 years old!


Idea: 8
Pitch: 7

Idea: 7-7.5
Pitch: 6.5-7 (a little Billy Mays)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Jason and Tyler discuss what they’re thankful for.

Ask Jason

Michael from New Jersey.

Michael and his team are focusing on a social video website. How do you go about raising capital for a content based network without traction?

Jason and Tyler discuss the value of the social aspect of video and give ideas on how to raise capital. Jason discusses the valuation of TWi and how he enticed investors.

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