E097: – Jessica Jackley, CEO of Profounder and Robert Wolfe, Founder of Crowdrise



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This week, a special “Founders Roundtable” with guests Jessica Jackley, the CEO of Profounder and Robert Wolfe, CEO of Crowdrise. See how these two are changing the crowd source funding platform and helping small businesses and communities grow.

Jessica Jackley is currently the CEO of Profounder, a crowd sourcing platform that helps budding businesses get funded. She’s also the original co-founder of Kiva.org, the worlds first peer to peer microfinancing site. Jessica’s work has been featured in a wide array of media and press including Oprah, the Today Show, CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR, the WSJ, NYTimes, The Economist, and more. As well she was a finalist for TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2009. www.profounder.com

Jessica’s Twitter:  http://twitter.com/jessicajackley

Profounder’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/teamprofounder

Robert Wolfe is the Founder and CEO of Crowdrise. A crowd source funding site for charities and non profits. Inceptualized after raising 1.2 million for Edward Nortons Charity Race crowdrise is on the path to becoming the go to place for charity fund raising. And hey, with the slogan “If you don’t give back no one will like you” how can you not help out. www.Crowdrise.com

Crowdrise Twitter: http://twitter.com/crowdrise

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Today on This Week in Startups a special founders roundtable with guest Jessica Jackley and Robert Wolfe. Kathy Choi will join us for the news. All today on This Week in Startups.

Jason discusses that most people relate turning 40 to getting cancer. He doesn’t see it. He’s having a great time.

Jason discusses his fascination with crowd funding.

Robert Wolfe the co-founder of Crowdrise
Jessica Jackley the founder of Profounder

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Jessica was formerly the co-founder of Kiva

This is the first time we’ve had two founders of different startups on the show at the same time.

Jason asks about when and why starting these fundraising companies.

Robert discusses the backstory of Crowdrise. He says that his initial inspiration came from Obama’s fundraising success.

Jessica discusses the backstory on Kiva and the understanding of how micro-lending works. She discusses her time in Africa and what she learned. Kiva is funding almost 200M today, 5 years after starting. Usually the target of the is less than 200 dollars. The value is in the social return.

Jason asks about the social involvement.

Robert discusses how Crowdrise engages the social aspect and discusses how it’s an important part of their process.

Jason asks about the most successful fundraising to date.

Robert discusses the different funding campaigns that were successful.

Jessica talks about Profounder and how it’s targeted at helping entrepreneurs to raise investment capital to fund their startups. She discusses how it works and how she prevents going to jail. Jessica describes the business model. She describes the charity component of Profounder.

@marco – Can anyone invest (US or Int’l)? Jessica says that Profounder is currently US only, but Int’l is possible.

Robert and Jessica discuss how their companies got funded.

Robert discusses the revenue model for Crowdrise. Robert discusses the impact of having Ed Norton promoting his startup.

@kenseville – Does Profounder allow more than one charity? Not currently, but a great idea.

@BradelyJoyse When can we start using Profounder? NOW!

Jason asks about the Kook factor. How do you deal with those who are mentally deranged and want to raise money?

Jessica describes the vision of fundraising on Profounder. She describes how ‘non-performance’ is handled. She also discusses the charges for raising money.

Jessica discusses the angel funding valuation of Profounder.

Thanks to both Jessica and Robert for being on the show.

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