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Prepare yourself for an out ASK JASON and SHARK TANK episode where we take your questions LIVE on the air and help the Startup world one phone call at a time. And the First one comes all the way from the UK. James and Peter have a business that needs some helpful marketing advice. Jason,Mark and Tyler weigh in on GoFIQ.com. Then calling in from Pittsburgh, John from DeviceKnit.com gives us an almost perfect pitch for his startup. Jason awards him with an deluxe package to the Launch conference and John walks away one of the most gracious Shark Tank callers yet. Jonathan follows up with another Ask Jason and then the next thing you know its the news with Mark Thompson.

Not sure if you know Mark Thompson, Youtubes famous Dancing weather man.

Today on This Week in Startups it’s a special Shark Tank and Ask Jason takeover episode. Mark Thompson is doing the news.

Jason talks about his important meeting that he went to today. He went tot a tour for a nursery school! Only 18 spots available and the competition is intense.

The Launch Conference is February 23-24, 2011. Use the code TWiST when you sign up.

– Sign up using the IWATCHTWiST code and get 3 months free.

Ask Jason

James and Peter from London

GoFIQ.com is an online communications between companies and customers. They are running out of cash for marketing. What’s the best way to get traffic on a budget while we’re raising capital?

Jason discusses his thoughts about buying traffic. He also discusses the types of traffic and the value of each. Customers, blogs and press are all discussed.

Mark discusses the media attention being tied to events, charities or some weird and quirky news.

Tyler gives his thoughts on doing a ‘Low Speed Chase’…Creativity is part of the equation.

Jason discusses the domain name. He rates it a 7.5–
They all continue to comment on the site.

Shark Tank
John Ganotis from Pittsburg

[Lost John on Phone]

Jason and Mark discuss his idea for Teenage Billionaire —


[John is back]

DeviceKnit.com is a cookbook for gadgets. It’s a community dedicated to sharing how people use their electronics in unique ways. You build an inventory of the devices you own, and DeviceKnit suggests new ways to use your products in a complimentary way (i.e. using your iPad as a second monitor).

Jason —

pitch: 8-8.5

The problem is that the business exists

Tyler —

idea: ?
pitch: 9

Tyler is concerned about the Knitting and cooking recipes merged with technology.

Mark —

idea: 7.5?
pitch: 8

Mark is concerned about the name. Needs a name change.

Chat Room

idea: ~8
pitch: ~9

Jason gives John a tabletop (exhibitor) at the Launch Conference

Ask Jason

Johnathan Hegranes of Turbo140 – They’re going through a name change

What advice would you have for communicating a new name to existing company and new users? How do we get the press involved?

Jason talks about how to get the press involved by discussing the pivot of the company. That’s how to get the press interested. A redesign is hard to sell.

Jason discusses strategies for informing your users of the new name. The new name chosen by Turbo140 is ‘Workables’.



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