This Week in Startups, Feb. 24

Listen up entrepreneurs, angels, VCs, journalists, fan boys, lovers of cool tech–the LAUNCH Festival is less than two weeks away!¬†If you love the work Jason does on TWiST, imagine two full days packed to the gills with startups launching, VCs speaking, mentors mentoring and connections being made between the best and brightest of the world of technology. It’s not too late to get in on the action–snag a ticket here before they’re gone!

This week, we were happy to welcome the following new members to the Backchannel group:

  • Associate Producer Rick Cartwright
  • Supporter Marcus Schappi
  • Supporter Justin Furniss
  • Fan Michael Bach
  • Fan George Ludwig
  • Fan Ben Bridges
  • Fan Peter Smith
  • Fan Nishkaam Mehta
  • Fan Corey Davin
  • Fan Damon Hull
  • Fan Hitesh Sharma
  • Fan Andrew Zucker

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