This Week in Startups, Jan. 27

Did you make a New Years resolution? Yeah, yeah, they can be kind of hokey, but why not? What’s the harm in setting a goal or resolving to do something you’ve always wanted to? We can’t help you muster up the courage to sky dive, but we can help if your resolution includes building something, starting up or just learning more about the innovators who make this country great. For as little as $2 a month, you can be on the TWiST List–a collection of founders, thinkers and tinkerers all challenging and inspiring one another to do more, do better.

Make your 2012 resolution to become a TWiST Backchannel member!

This week, we were happy to welcome the following new members to Backchannel fold:

  • Supporter Jason Cartwright
  • Superfan Andre Gegechkori
  • Fan Michael Perez
  • Fan Elle Fa

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