This Week in Startups, Jan. 6

We returned in 2012 rested and ready to go! We’re happy to be adding a new sponsor to our line up, the amazing mobile app development company Sourcebits. Everyone check them out and then remember to send a big ol’ “thanks and welcome” tweet to @sourcebits.

If you loved the interviews in San Francisco with Dave MorinKevin Rose and Jim Lanzone, there’s more where that came from! Jason is going to be spending some more time in the Valley in the weeks to come, which means even more interviews from the superstars of the tech world are to come.

We were also happy to welcome the following new members to the Backchannel fold:

Associate Producer Nathan Gielis
Supporter Chris Mancil
Superfan Joe Wurzburger
Fan Sascha Cutura
Fan Elizabeth Campbell-Page

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