E578: Tim O’Reilly’s WTF Economy takes on how tech is transforming the workforce, creating a new narrative for the future of business and society




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about this episode

Tim O’Reilly is a publishing pioneer, open-source champion, hero of Jason, and inspiration for many. What do A.I., scheduling software, Uber, and basic income have in common? The Founder of O’Reilly Media answers this and more, as he talks to Jason about WTF Economy (that is, What’s the Future?) — specifically, how technology is transforming the workplace, where the jobs will be and won’t, and our best (perhaps only) way forward.

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  • Paul Towers

    Great discussion on the future of work. As one often sees the government is fearful of change and in many instances tries to fight the on demand nature of work these days. While I don’t think the current structure is 100% perfect yet, you can’t fight innovation and clearly there is both a want and need for an on-demand work force. While it has some sort comings, there are many people who benefit from this model and the flexibility that it offers.

  • chasereeves

    Really loved this. Thanks, guys.