E391: Tinder and Lyft, apps on the home screen of every 20 something



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Sean Rad founded Tinder with the idea that a dating app could be straightforward, without being creepy. With beautiful interface, simply swiping right or left to indicate your interest (or not) in someone, based on a Facebook photo and friends in common, the app has taken off. Particularly with women, defying conventional wisdom about what works and doesn’t in straight dating sites. What might you find right next to Tinder on the home screen of the average 20 something’s phone? Ride-sharing service Lyft. With its quirky culture of pink mustaches and fist bumps, the company vets drivers and scored a recent win when it was acknowledged along with Uber by the California Public Utility Commission. Lyft cofounder and CEO John Zimmer sat down with Jason at LAUNCH Mobile & Wearables in San Francisco. Don’t miss these interviews with two of today’s hottest startups.

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