TWiST 2009 – Quick Reference Guide

Ever wonder if your question has been asked or has something come up that was answered but can’t find it?  Do you need to perfect a pitch, why not learn from others.  In the cockpit we need to be able to find information quickly and often use quick reference checklist, beyond memorization so I created something similar for TWiST, I hope you find it useful.

If you find any errors please bring them to my attention and if I don’t have you linked or mis-linked in Twitter, email me at scott [at]

The document available at DocStoc (pdf, xls) but I am unhappy with the format.  I would also like to add this to Slideshare and Scribd if anyone has some expertise in helping with the format, please contact me.

Once this gets buried you can find it at Quick Reference Guide on the right sidebar

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