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This week was an all “Ask Jason” show, present to help Jason with questions and advice is the ever insightful Tyler Crowley and Mahalo technical advisor Mark Jaffrey.  We have the pleasure of hearing four great questions and a news segment with Lon Harris that touches on all the tech stories of the week.

The show starts off with a highlight of Open Angel Forum, 100+ people applied to pitch at the Los Angeles event alone (Jan. 14th) and for the other cities combined an additional 100+.  Tyler says on average these applicants are better than TechCrunch50, 5 companies were chosen pitch.   Hopefully, they will be on a special TWiST next week.  Four more cities will be launching next week, Jason sees this going worldwide.

In the “Ask Jason” segment we get to hear from the youngest caller to date Max Salmeron a 15 year old blogger.  Jason explain how blogging is a great medium and how focusing on a specific subject that you enjoy and are passionate about is necessary and how important it is to become part of that community.  Tommy Leap a first time listener calls in to ask about how to become an Angel Investor.  Jonathon Dusing (of Row27) calls in via Skype to discuss iPhone apps and how to compete with big companies that like to throw their legal weight around.  Lastly, Anthony Colarusso (MyFaceShirt) calls in to ask a question about how to I get traction online with a T-shirt business.

News with Lon Harris:

  • Nexus One – Google enters the mobile phone business
  • AOL/Mashable Deal?
  • Crunchies 2009
  • Tablet Fever –  Are tablets destined to be the hot tech product of 2010?
  • Gowalla – promotion in partnership with Incase
  • Phitter – Former “Cheers” star Kirstie Alley has launched Phitter, a Twitter-inspired community that unites individuals trying to lose weight.

Lastly, Jason announces my addition to This Week in Startups as the new official blogger for the show.  My goal will be to follow-up will past guests, and provide content mid-week.  So please check back, I announce all new posts via Twitter @ScottSimko with the #TWiST hashtag and on Facebook.

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