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Jason’s guest this week was Brad Feld, co-founder of Foundry Group and mentor for TechStars.  Highlights of the show include the appearance of Sith Lord Calacanis and a great discussion about startup team dynamics.
The show starts off with a recap of the inaugural Open Angel Forum event consisting of “Power Angels” such as Chris Sacca, Ron Conway, David Cohen and many more.  Jason has one special announcement, the next Open Angel Forum will take place in Boulder, CO hosted by TechStars in February, details will be posted at the Open Angel Forum website.  After pleasantries we get to hear a bit about Brad’s experience in Alaska and Boulder and how he has helped cultivate the Boulder startup community and what it is like to be part of TechStars.  Things progress to Ask Jason and we get to hear about the necessity of have a developer as part of your team.  Tyler Koblasa calls in and pitches Ming.ly a CRM tool for social contacts.  During the interview segment Brad and Jason discuss: startup visas and their importance, what is important to his firm when investing  and what is important for your startup team.  The news segments highlights: Haiti, Yahoo’s Shopping API, MyTown, Google China and Apple acquisitions.

Here are a couple blog posts highlighting the Open Angel Form inaugural event:

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