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Following TWiST 35 with Brad Feld, Jason had a special bonus show with some of the Open Angel Forum (OAF) inaugural presenters.  Jason starts off by explaining what OAF is “it is a forum to help entrepreneurs raise Angel investment” and then goes on to talk a little bit about the  structure of the event (the audience consists of Angel Investors and five service providers).  The next OAF event will be held in Boulder, CO and hosted by TechStars in February.

A few of the companies that presented were interviewed and we get to hear a firsthand account of their experience.

  • Eric Lagier, CEO and co-founder of TigerTag the world’s first free lost and found service.  The core of our service is the TigerTag – a small, neatly designed tag that you apply to all your valuables that you would like to safeguard.
  • Arun Gupta, co-founder of WakeMate a bluetooth cell phone accessory that will analyze your sleep to find the optimal time for you to wake up and analysis of your sleep pattern.
  • Jason Kiesel, co-founder of CitySourced a real time mobile civic engagement tool. CitySourced provides a free, simple, and intuitive tool empowering citizens to identify civil issues (potholes, graffiti, trash, snow removal, etc.) and report them to city hall for quick resolution; an opportunity for government to use technology to save money and improve accountability to those they govern; and a positive, collaborative platform for real action.

For those interested the two companies we do not get to hear from are:

  • Backupify is a service that backs up your online accounts: WordPress, Facebook, Basecamp, Google Docs, Gmail, Flickr and many more.
  • Postabon where people upload and vote on in-store discount recommendations in your area.  The result is a comprehensive list of relevant, user-tested discounts happening at brick and mortar stores in your area right now.

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