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This week’s guest was Phil Kaplan co-founder of Blippy.  Highlights of the show included a great discussion with Phil about what it’s like to work as Entrepreneur in Residence, another great Tyler quote and multiple giveaways (5 Jawbone ICONs, 1 Nexus One, $500 MicroSoft prize pack (congrats Erika)).


  • A new show This Week in Android (@TWiAndroid) hosted by Mark Jeffrey showcasing everything android will follow TWiST each week.  To catch it live stay on the same Ustream page for TWiST.
  • A new Bing Shark Tank contest is announced, I’ll post all the details in a blog post, needless to say submit your ideas for Jason’s Shark Tank, that is step one.

In the Ask Jason segment, Wayne calls in to ask, what is more important to investors being in a hot sector or having a proven revenue model?  Jason follows up with a good question asking Phil how he chose who would be an investor in Blippy due to the large interest.  In Shark Tank we get to hear pitches from Propadoo and Brand-Yourself, two great ideas who received a ton of feedback.

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