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This week’s guest was Stefan Weitz, Director of Bing Search at Microsoft.  Not only was the show insightful as always but I think this was one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in awhile.  Not to mention Jason’s recent Twitter iPad joke, shame on the journalists who fell for that, Jason and Loren Feldman of 1938 Media put them in their place.  One last comments about the iPad, No USB No iPad.

In the “Ask Jason” segment we hear from Dewayne Carel, who asks “How do I keep momentum with my blog (Modders Inc), the uniques spike then plateau back to original values?”.

During “Jason’s Shark Tank” we get to hear Andrew Hillman pitch MaroonDoor a solution for sometimes sticky Home Owners Association politics.

During the interview we hear a great discussion about, why Bing turned out so well.  Stefan’s past with Microsoft and his vision for search.  One interesting feature that was brought up was Bing and Twitter information.  If you go to Bing.com/twitter you can search Twitter content, I urge you to try it I thought it was interesting, try searching #TWiST.  Lastly Stefan mentioned the theme for the Bing Friday T-Shirt contest “Airports” if you’d like to win a Bing T-shirt simple @Bing with a query that exemplifies the theme and the team randomly picks a winner.

Rich DeMuro finishes with the news:

  • Facebook and a Foursquare killer
  • Roku seeks private funds for engineering and marketing
  • AT&T to launch Yelp competitor Buzz
  • iCurrent know available to everyone
  • Square announces Angels
  • Startup raises $230,000 using only LinkedIn

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