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This week’s guest was Scott Morrow, CEO of ThisNext a social shopping search/discovery site that uses crowdsourcing to bring the best products to the top.  Highlights of the show are a live surprise call to a superfan and interesting discussion about arbitrage.

The show starts off with a great behind the scenes video (by Colorado Tech TV) of the Boulder Open Angel Forum event.

During “Ask Jason” we hear Denny Ferrassoli ask, what are the pros and cons to bringing real money vs. virtual currency to a social community.

Anibal Damião calls in for “Jason’s Shark Tank” and he pitches Influads an advertising alternative, where one advertisement is place on a website.

During the interview we learn about what it’s like to come in as a President for a startup with a founder still in the mix, the ins and outs of crowdsourcing methods and a detailed discussion about pay per click, arbitrage and paid search.  Scott brought up one ThisNext feature that was pretty interesting “Explore” a map that allows you to watch people shop live around the world.

Another contest was held on the fly, Charles Goffnett (ShirTeeapp.com) , a superfan, sent in four “Insight’s from Tyler” inspired t-shirts that were given to four fan’s chosen at random who thanked our sponsors.   Charles will soon be launching a site if you’d like to purchase one on your own.  I’ll be sure to post details once they are available.

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