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Today Jason had the opportunity to speak to 55 seniors at Penn State who will all be working on the University’s “Idea Pitch” contest.  All the students are part of the Information Sciences and Technology school and will be pitching their ideas to the business school.

I really liked this interview it was not your normal TWiST episode.  While it had the same sense of humor and casual tone we get to hear Jason tell his story and how he learned and what motivated him.  You can even see the passion coming through at one point where I sensed emotional satisfaction in proving the naysayers wrong.

He starts off by asking how many people want to be an entrepreneurs and who wants to be a drone worker bee (about 6%).  Throughout the interview he motivates the class and opens many eyes about work life, later in the show he asks the same question to find a very different answer.

Entrepreneur core qualities:

  • Entrepreneurial parents
  • Recklessness gambling personalities
  • Resiliency
  • Focused
  • Won’t take no for an answer
  • You will disproportionately be rewarded if you succeed
  • Work harder
  • Must believe in yourself

Questions from the class:

  • Do you stir the pot on purpose (Twitter)?
  • What is your relationship with your employees?
  • In the early stages do you worry about intellectual property?
  • Can you be someone who is an entrepreneur within a company?

Who wants to be a rice picker and who wants to be a Samari?

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  • Elroy Zonneveld says:

    Greatest Motivational Speech Ever! Way better than any of the fight scenes
    in Gladiator…Back to the entrepreneurial trenches!

  • Thanks Jason, this was a great talk, especially considering you hadn’t planned the content. I think it really highlights how good entrepreneurs are able to think on their feet. Too bad the prof. couldn’t have been a bit more prepared though.

  • Mike says:

    This was very entertaining!

  • Dan Singerman says:

    This was a great speech. Especially given Jason had to think on his feet to give it.

    I wish someone had given me this speech 15 years ago.

  • Trevor says:

    I agree with Dan. I suspect I got a lot more out of it than the kids in the class but hopefully some of what Jason said will stick with them. Ya gotta be hungry now more than ever. It’s become a must.

  • Great episode…great talk Jason…amazing speech which was unprepared…Keep up the great podcast going

  • rinkjustice says:

    Jason, you are never boring and always informative and funny. Keep ’em coming, and I’ll keep watching them and waiting for my turn in the sun.

  • Congrats, Jason. Delighted to see that Samurai remain on earth.

  • neven says:

    This was exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for reminding me of a few things.

  • Brad says:

    I luv how he makes those pussy STUDENTS giddy! It shows his brilliance!

  • Sunny says:

    Just about to launch second startup, after learning a lot in the three years doing my first one. This had such a profound effect on me it was crazy. You read entrepreneur stories and they same the same old cliched stuff. However when someone really opens themselves up and their guts, hats off to the guy. I dont need any other motivation when I have doubts etc. I just need to watch that video. Thank You

  • Jason this beat Gary’s episode. Gary’s episode is lying bleeding on the arena right now.

    I think I want to say you crushed it.

  • I consume loads of entrepreneur talk posts and vids and this one has to be near the top because of the passion and directness and clarity of thought Jason conveys. It is simply awesome and it it going to everyone I know.

  • Jim Jansen says:

    Thanks, Jason! for a great speech. The student loved it for both the delivery and the content.

  • T. Cocovillea says:

    The thing you communicated well to these students is the conflict, from within as well as from external forces that constantly bombard the entrepreneur. Self-doubt is for everyone else, not for the successful. When that information can be translated into something that becomes personal for a person, they are physically and mentally transformed in the process. Unfortunately, most people will remain unchallenged in their lives and not realize their true potential. Thanks for the motivational guidance.

  • The problem with this presentation is he degraded his employees – by calling the people that don’t want to be an entrepreneur donkeys. It takes all kinds and he made it clear he does not respect anyone that is not an entrepreneur.

    I am SO thankful that brilliant talented people that work for me have no desire to be an entrepreneur but instead decide to work for me. Come on! This video included good Entrepreneur advice execept he is a terrible roll model for a boss.

    Entrepreneurship should not be all ego driven. He is not the only one that made his businesses successful. There is too much “I” and not enough “we”. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to be a leader that builds a team. I see no evidence of this here.

  • Excellent speech Jason; as a college student myself I find it particularly insightful and I am glad I am getting to hear it now (though, a few years ago may have been even better).
    Thanks again and I will start practicing swinging my sword.

  • The most inspirational real-world video I’ve ever seen…and I’ve watched plenty like this. I’m going to burn this to dvd for loads of friends at my school

  • Awesome Awesome show Jason. Thank you . I always knew I was a Samurai and not a rice picker. This is definitely a defining moment. WOW…I can be a Free Roller if I work hard and be resilient.

  • cdstern says:

    Best Quote “I need my night saber, Emily get my night saber please”

  • This is one the best episode in my opinion! So much passion from Jason in this one. Great to hear his whole story too.

  • Tunji_tq says:

    This episode gave me chills!!! this needs to be shown to every young entrepreneur!

  • Paul Towers says:

    All time favourite episode right here. Right up there with Chris Sacca, Tim Ferris, etc. A lot of what Jason spoke about really resonated with me and I agree with the notion that you either want to be the samurai or the rice picker/drone bee. And if you choose to be the samurai there is something inside you that means you are never satisfied, always want to strive for more and hate sitting still!

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