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Jason’s guest this week was James Segil of EdgeCast a content delivery network.  Highlights of the show include an interesting discussion of TED and why he is banned from attending, a celebrity Ask Jason call-in and how companies distribute their content.

Things of note:

  • Open Angel Forum announces two new cities: New York and San Fransisco, to be competitive to pitch be sure to have a working product (beta is ok).
  • This Week In Twitter, hosted by Lon Harris had their second show, please check it out.

During “Ask Jason” we get to hear Joel Spolsky (Joel on Software and Stack Overflow) call in to ask some advice on closing a deal with a VC and Jason follows up with a question for Joel regarding how to help developers experiment and learn new things.

We get to hear two different companies pitch during Jason’s Shark Tank the first is Rob Leclerc pitching Babbleflix a language learning tool basically Rosetta Stone meets Netflix.  Our second caller is Shawn Edmondson pitching thereNow an innovative approach to continuing education for teachers.

Highlights of the interview include:

  • How content delivery networks work
  • Why EdgeCast decided to compete with Akamai
  • A short discussion about the backbone of the internet
  • Is the internet ready and capable to grow exponentially
  • International implications of the internet
  • Debt vs. Equity and Warrants

News with Lon Harris discusses:

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