E042: with Michael Robertson



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Jason’s guest this week was Michael Robertson, CEO and Founder of MP3Tunes.  This was an incredible show, highlights include a guest that has an incredible amount of experience, battling big corporations, lawsuits and how to deal with them, interesting predictions for the music industry and how MP3.com got started.

00:07 During “Ask Jason” we get to hear Josh Nielsen ask “How do I value equity when being offered a job at a startup?” the question doesn’t end there without spoiling things, be sure to see where this one ends up.

00:25 We get to hear from Erick Arndt of Timeshare Juice pitch how he plans to change the timeshare exchange experience.  He gets some incredible feedback from Jason and Michael regarding his business model and distribution.

00:44 Highlights of the interview include:

  • Michaels story of rags to riches
  • What motivated him to succeed
  • How he started MP3.com and fought the music industry, winning and losing in some cases.
  • How independent label artists helped him succeed.
  • 6 months to IPO
  • Why he gave $15 million to his employees
  • Michael’s opinion on why Spotify will go out of business.

01:49 News with Lon Harris include:

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