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00:00:30 Jason: May 21, 2010 is going to be kill Facebook account day, I just don’t trust Mark Zuckerberg, it’s all about trust, it’s a good product, too many missteps along the way

00:02:15 Started as a closed system, switched and tried to dupe us to open, default is now open

00:02:50 Facebook’s blog hasn’t addressed privacy

00:05:30 To Jason the internet represents freedom, democracy, the ability to play on an even playing field with the big boys

00:06:20 Multiple options if you feel the same way about Facebook: Facebook Ghost, suspend or delete your account

00:07:45 Jason had the magical moment of the internet in the 80’s by connecting with people all around the world for the first time, Mark is so young did he have the same experience?

00:12:00 Today is a celebration for leaving Facebook, many stories are surfacing that your clicks are being passed on to advertisers

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00:13:00 Jason has 5,000 friends and it’s a great marketing channel and he has realized he doesn’t need Facebook to do that

00:14:00 If you are concerned consider making the account a Facebook Ghost account first, consider how complicated the privacy settings are

00:15:45 Jason’s being playing around the internet since before web browsers and he’s confused

00:16:00 Jason backed up his account with Backupify

00:18:55 As a next step consider deactivating you account, no one will be able to see your info or will they?

00:19:30 Jason trusts Yahoo, Google, Flickr, Smugmug, Twitter, Geni

00:19:45 How people respond when they screw up is important, judge them by their behavior

00:21:00 Jason predicts Mark Zuckerberg will be on a Senate hearing

00:25:45 Try taking a week off from Facebook see what you miss

00:27:20 How to delete your account permanently can’t be found in navigation and must be searched on Google, someone even made a group page

00:32:30 RIP Jason on Facebook

00:36:00 Thank You to BenQ for the SP890 Projector

00:38:00 ASK JASON – Mark CarrasHeavy As Hell – How do you vet angel investors and is Go Big Network for real? Look for somone who has done this before or loves the vertical, you need a value proposition and it might be tough at the moment. Thpughts on Go Big Network, it doesn’t look legit, it feels scammy, go to Venture Hacks and look at their list of angel investors

00:48:30 Good chance of getting into Boston, Open Angel Forum

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00:51:30 JASON’S SHARK TANK – Jay Decker – OnTheSpot = Mobile + Ustream + Mahalo Answers with a vertical advertisement business model, pitch was solid, the hard part is video you can’t SEO which is less efficient, even Ebay Motors doesn’t have a lot of video

00:58:50 This idea is you are out and about and you shoot video of your problem it is no necessarily you asking a question and the subject matter experts answer or solve the problem. I points system will incentivize people to answer questions similar to the Mahalo Store.

01:05:00 Jason’s advice for when being pulled over

01:11:00 The Launch Conference, watch 10 episodes of TWiST check in with “ThisWeek” in chat and tweet “http://thelaunchconference.com #TWiST”

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01:12:30 INTERVIEW – Keith Lee – CEO of Booyah creator of MyTown, their company has worked on World of Warcraft, Diablo, shooters, RPGs and they focus on interactive entertainment

01:14:00 Is MyTown Farmville + Gowalla? “Check-in” is the only thing in common and it’s basically playing real world Monopoly and they have over 2.2 million users

01:16:45 Demographic is iPhone and iTouch users, 60% male / 40% female and they are expanding to 34 countries

01:18:20 they launched 41/1 months ago and are focusing on the entertainment utility, they spend a lot of time on the virtual economy
01:20:50 The average user spends 70 minutes a day on the game

01:21:50 Real life call to actions can be built into the game

01:22:00 Raised $20 million and are focused on hiring good people and are looking beyond the “Check-in” it’s all about offline validation and conversion

01:24:30 Where did the concept come from are you big into Sci-fi? We are all into hard core Sci-fi, Game of Thrones, we play a ton of video games and are excited about the experience

01:26:00 Will you become a multiple product company? We will announce our strategy in a couple months, our goal is for every product to have a great experience and long life cycle

01:27:45 Excited about Android but expanding to it cannot take away from our current game development

01:30:00 What is the most insane behavior from a user? We held a contest and a user set an alarm for every 27 minutes for 3 weeks to play the game

01:31:50 Have you looked at the gaming madness in Asia? yes, it has huge potential, freemium is a big business and the west has a lot to learn

01:33:00 How did the funding process go? It was confidential, they made a small window, filtered people and moved the process along quickly so they could focus on the product

01:37:30 Focus on engagement and retention not the business model

01:38:00 How will the iPad change things? Excites, we will focus on the experience, their are differences, screen size, no GPS

01:41:30 Lon’s first week producing TWiST, trying to make each show better

01:42:30 THE NEWS

01:43:00 Google TV – Is this a game changer? Yes it’s real, has Boxee feel, independent content creators will be side by side the big boys, MythTV like. Google does need to finish the product 100% it seems like they go 80% most of the time.

01:51:50 Android FroYo – Is this the iPhone killer? If executed properly, if it can be a hot spot and tethered but I don’t think Apple is in trouble

01:56:30 Mainstream Media on Facebook – How significant is that? It is bringing a huge spot light on Facebook, the movie Social Network might hurt Facebook, more than like tarnish their IPO

02:03:50 Twitter for IPhone – What do you think? It’s a way to get a good team member on for the right price, looks good to the community, prediction it will have 80% of the market share

02:11:25 Toyota / Tesla Partnership – Who is the big winner? Tesla shareholders, going into the IPO this is a big boost, it ensures the cars will be bought

02:14:25 Y Combinator Closes $8.25 Million Fund – What do you contribute to the success? Paul Graham is legit, a down market is good for startups, these programs never existed before, it’s a big deal and every city should have an incubator

02:17:30 SumZero – LinkedIn meets a wiki for investors, what do you think? I wouldn’t trust the info if it’s given from a competitor

INSIGHT FROM TYLER – It’s like opening a hardware store next to a tire store

02:22:20 Want to be on a segment use these links to request a spot ASK JASON or JASON’S SHARK TANK

02:24:30 End

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