TWiST April 30th: A Year In Review

We’ve had some changes in a weeks time, TWiST will be held in LA at Mahalo, for all of you hoping to attend in SFO we apologize.

We’d decided to go a different route with this show and make it all about the fans.  We want to hear from you, what is your favorite TWiST moment in the last year?  We plan on doing a “Best Moments of TWiST” recap.  Please use the comment section so we can prepare and upload your favorite moments (we are under a deadline so please include as many details (episode # and moment) and why it’s your favorite, before 3pm PST April 29th).

We would also like to hear from you live during the show, so please sign into Ustream and Jason will pick out people on the fly to call in via Skype.  Please ask your questions in chat in the following format, Q: ask question skype: Username.

For example:       Q: I filed for bankruptcy, is it possible to get funding? skype: Jimmyfails

When: 1pm PST, 4pm EST, 8pm GMT, 6am (May 1st, Sydney)

Where: Here at ThisWeekIn or Ustream

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