E001: with Brian Alvey




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about this episode

The first episode of This Week in Startups with guest Brian Alvey, CEO of Crowd Fusion.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • Great content but 2 words, Aspect Ratio.

  • Tomas

    Thank you for the quick up of the video Jason. Look forward to viewing it.

  • vert neat. great interview. thanks Jason, inspiring.

  • Look

    Not in HD/Widescreen but a 927.9MB download (iTunes)!!!


  • G

    What RSS chicklet?

  • What is the song in the intro?

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  • Thanks for the great feedback everyone! We’re certainly going to learn from the first one and try and get 10% better each day…

    who do you want on the next 9 shows?!?!?!

    what was your favorite part of the show?

  • nirmal

    927MB podcast is a sin! For static discussion type content size, check out the FORA.tv podcast which has roughly 3MB per min. Even dynamic content news podcasts from NBC or ABC go at 4-5MB per min. So, you should reduce this 91 min podcast to 270MB and also break it up into 3 episodes of half an hour each so that download is easier and if network goes down, only one episode download is affected.

    Looking forward to viewing once it is encoded properly.

  • ET


    I liked the show a lot and look forward to more in the future. I subscribed on iTunes too!!

    The video format was all jacked up but I am sure you will fix that in the next episode or two ;-)

  • VERY good 1st episode. Liked the straight talk, disillusionment of myths like “people who land VC money are lucky” and then educating about what it actually takes. I found the bits about the struggles before success like “fail fast” to be motivational and the discussion on the current and future states of social media services like twitter and Facebook interesting. I also like the long format! Only constructive criticism I can think of was it felt a little inside baseball at times, which may suit the subject. As far as guests, I want to hear from people out there who’ve landed VC for their site, service or application as well as those trying to make it happen. Keep up the good work. – JC

  • I love the show. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  • name anyone of your friends Jason, they all are probably inspiring and interesting. =)

    Being a film producer, I’d love to see some filmmakers that are bridging the gaps between filmmaking and tech….

    I loved the news stories, great way to recap in a weekly format what happens on twitter and RSS feeds all week.


  • Richie

    Is the audio-only podcast going to be available for download and/or on iTunes?

  • Nice one! Cool commentary. Insightful. Very cheeky. I got something to think about!

    Thanks guys!

    PS. Need an iTunes audio feed! 900MB video is huge for a South African and our horrendous bandwidth costs :)

  • First, decent first try. There’s only one Charlie Rose, please find your own style, FAST. TWiS is something that I would considering adding to my loonnnng media queue only if it was short and insightful.

  • Excellent show!

    Now, I am trying to blog it on my site, but where is the Audio Link?! I need direct link to MP3 stream, to add to my Zune, and post one my site, for all non-iTunes folks!!

  • Good start for the show Jason. I would say to show the audience more screen shots from your laptop so there is a good mix between yourself, your guest, and the websites/content you’re discussing.

    My favorite parts were the stories from previous business experiences from both yourself and Brian. I also like the simple setting with the black drop and good use of quality lights.

    It would be cool if the executive you interviewed right from the start gave their business pitch for other entrepreneurs to learn from. I’m always interested in hearing someone articulate their company’s core message because often times it’s so difficult to do, but yet so effective when pulled off successfully.

  • jay

    Jason you look different then when i last saw you pic. Is this really Jason

  • jay

    i Have to say this will be a great show.

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  • Please include links to the news items in future shows. Great job, Jason. Great idea for a show. Thanks.

  • The “audio only” on iTunes is not downloading. (Noticed that there is no time info) Podcasts 1, 2, 3, 4, (*5 is ok)

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  • Thanks for this! I hope you have a awesome day!

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  • Jim Gallic

    What was the episode where the guest provides economic formulas for start ups,hiring people and hard work? It was probably in late 2013.

  • Paul Towers

    I’ve maxed out listening to the most recent 100 episodes (via iTunes), so thought I would go back and start from day 1. I really enjoyed this episode, especially the news section, as well as hearing what your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace were back then.