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Our guest this week was internet entrepreneur Jason Nazar from Doctstoc.com, the premier document sharing site and online community.  He briefly discussed his journey to get off the ground and gave some great advice to would-be entrepreneurs about how to secure capital, build connections, and make the best with limited resources.

Joe Waltman, a bootstrapping entrepreneur out of Orange County, CA, called in during “Ask Jason” to find out how to find and recruit a technical co-founder for his new startup. What did Jason say? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Jason also brought Taurus and Fondue (his two bulldogs) to help with sending the most recent departed company to the “Deadpool.”  Plus, we’ve got a new newscaster!  Amanda Coolong, Chief Correspondent for TechZulu, talked with the Jasons about potential MySpace layoffs, the iPhone/Palm Pre launches (and the accompanying Leo Laporte vs Mike Arrington fight), and Facebook’s Vanity URL’s, among other stories.

Make sure to tune in next week in our guest is Sean Spector from GameFly.

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