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Today on This Week in Startups, we (virtually) traveled across the pond to hold a London vs. Berlin Meetup competition! Three great companies from each country pitched in a head-to-head battle, but only one country could take the grand prize? So who won? Watch and find out! (Warning: Contains some content that may be objectionable to people with eyes.)1:00 Welcome everyone to the TWiST London vs. Berlin meetup!
5:00 Thank you to Sourcebits for supporting TWiST! If you take a meeting with Sourcebits, you get a 15 minute meeting with Jason! Just email sourcebits@thisweekin.com to get started.
13:00 The first pitch from Berlin is Thorsten Luttger pitching Musicplayr, a way to aggregate all of your music online into one central profile.
16:00 The pitch was lacking, but the idea is solid.
18:00 Tyler: I’d like one of the Musicplayr shirts.
19:00 First up from London is Michelle Gallen of Shhmooze, a location-based app that lets you check in and discover other people at a business event.
20:30 That was a solid pitch and she brought up a real pain point: people don’t want to download an app for every event.
22:30 Tyler: Is it based on bringing in friends from a social network or do you have to populate the friends list yourself?
27:00 Next from Berlin, Dann Loening pitches Kinderfee, an online network for parents to find trusted childcare.
29:30 The design and UI is great, and that was the best pitch so far.
30:00 Tyler: The pace and authenticity was key.
32:45 Au pairs have become very popular in the U.S. and they offer more flexibility than a full time nanny.
34:30 Thank you to our incredible sponsor GoToMeeting for their support! Everyone thank @gotomeeting!
38:00 Next up from London is Alex Depledge of Teddle, a web app to help people find a book local service providers.
41:30 The design is very good and I think the booking engine is well thought out.
44:30 Tyler: Does the name have a meaning that doesn’t translate?
48:15 The final pitch from Berlin is Alex Napetshnig of Klash, a platform for you to challenge and engage with friends and strangers on social platforms.
52:00 Tyler: The showmanship worked because it directly relates to his product.
54:15 Is this just a “dude idea”? Where can this go?
57:30 Up next from London is the final pitch from Rich Waldron of Tray, a personal assistant platform to help automate everyday tasks.
59:15 I love that this is a lean startup approach and I think it’s the best conceived startup of the day.
1:02:30 Tyler: He had some very practical examples that I liked.
1:05:00 Jason and Tyler discuss their favorites and try to choose a winner.
1:07:15 Jason thinks Tyler picked #3 Musicplayr as his #3, and Tyler thinks Jason picked Kinderfee as his #3. Jason thinks Tyler picked Tray for his #1 and Klash #2. Tyler thinks Jason picked Tray as his #1 and Shhmooze as his #2.
1:09:00 That means London has won because Tray was #1!
1:11:30 Big thank you to all of the sponsors in London and Berlin!
1:12:00 Thanks for watching everyone, we’ll see you next time!

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