TWiST Meetup this Tuesday, June 8th, at 6 pm PDT!

On Tuesday, June 8th, at 6 pm PDT, a series of “Startup Meetups” will be held in cities all over the world. To find out more information, and see how you can attend one of these awesome events, sign up at

We will also be hosting a special edition of “This Week in Startups” during these events from our offices in Santa Monica, California. During the show, we’ll be checking in with many of the almost 180 meetups being held around the globe, and listening to entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to an international audience.

If you’d like to get your local meetup on the show, here’s what you’ll need:

– A Skype account
– A wired Internet connection capable of streaming clear video
– A “host” who will be the person at your meetup who interacts with the camera and communicates live with Jason, Tyler and Lon
– A microphone and headset for your host
– A basic set-up with the host in the foreground and the other attendees sitting behind her

Once you get all of this together, write to lon [at] with the name of your host (if it’s not you), your city and your Skype account so we can coordinate with you and get your city featured on the show! Definitely send this info before Monday, June 7, so we can be sure to get your city included.

Also, please, do not call ThisWeekIn’s Skype account during the broadcast. We will call you. If we receive incoming calls during the show, it will affect everyone’s viewing experience negatively and distract our crew.


Each location is encouraged to organize a “pitch contest” for entrepreneurs who are attending. Go around your meetup and do 3 minute “pitches,” and then vote on the best pitch from your event. Then, when you call in to the show, the winner of your meetup’s contest can pitch to Jason, Tyler and Lon and our international audience LIVE.

There will be no new “This Week in Startups” episode today, Friday, June 4th, in anticipation of this event.

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