TWiST: Next Show

The New York,  Open Angel Forum is this Thursday (April 8th), which unfortunately conflicts with This Week In Startups, our next show will be April 16th.  However, this is the perfect time to check out some of our other great shows:

*NEW* This Week In Venture Capital – TODAY – Wednesday, April 7th at 2pm (PST) / 5pm (EST), with host Jason Calacanis and first guest Mark Suster of  GRP Partners (post)

This Week In Cloud Computing – TODAY – Wednesday, April 7th at 3 pm (PST) / 6pm (EST) with Ellen Rubin, Founder and VP of Products at Cloud Switch and Todd Miller, Founder and CEO of Gwabbit (show notes)

This Week In Android – Friday, April 9th at 4pm (PST) / 7pm (EST) with Dominic Mazzoni, primary developer at Ringdroid.

This Week In Twitter – Friday, April 9th at 11am (PST) / 2pm (EST)

Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show – Sunday, April 11th at 3pm (PST) / 6pm (EST)

This Week In Social Media *Coming Soon*

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