TWiST: Preppin Launches Beta

For all of you who have wondered what happened to Preppin they launched beta today.  Chris Kesler, Co-Founder of Preppin, called in to ask, how do you get traffic to a site.

Preppin is a complete solution to anyone wanting to learn more about emergency preparedness, buy emergency preparedness items, or build a custom emergency preparedness plan.

Ask The Expert – We have a resident emergency preparedness expert (FEMA earthquake preparing, Middle East medical program organizing, EMT certified, emergency preparedness black-belt master) who is completely accessible to everyone.  He has written dozens of articles to instruct on all things preparedness, hand picked videos that train and teach on nearly every subject you’d be interested and just to fill in any holes, he responds to current events, trends, and popular questions on his oh-so-fabulous blog.

Shop – They sell virtually everything you will need in the event of an emergency. From no-cook freeze dried meals to storm-proof matches that will stay lit for up to 15 seconds, even after being submersed in water! Many of their products come from the same wholesaler that REI uses and they are affordable as well.

Preppin Steps – Preppin has six easy steps to emergency preparedness.  Just click on Step One and you’ve tackled the hardest part, knowing where to begin. They also designed emergency preparedness “Pocket Plans” to get you and your family organized. Print, fill in the information, and you and your family will all know “The Plan” when disaster strikes.

Please check out Preppin, I’m sure Chris would love some feedback.

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